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Olympic disruptions in the Borough

LBRUT Keeping our borough ming during the Games

The borough will be particularly busy this summer with thousands of spectators coming to the borough for the Olympic Road Cycling Races, Time Trials and Torch Relay.

This is inevitably going to have an impact on our local roads and public transport.

To help support businesses and local organisations during this time, we have organised a series of briefings – covering key issues such as road closures and parking suspensions, which will obviously impact on your business in terms of staffing, customers and deliveries.

At the events we will have representatives from Olympic Organisers (LOCOG), Transport for London, the Council (covering the specifics of which roads are closed and when and parking), Trading Standards and Licencing Officers (looking at what businesses can and cannot do during the Games) Other officers will also be available to discuss issues such as waste and recycling. Representatives from the Police will be in attendance to discuss Community Safety.

The events will involve a short presentation regarding 'impact' with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. There will also be a display, including maps and further information.

The events have been planned to cover the key 'hotspots' – i.e: areas that are directly impacted by the local events.

The first two are specifically for businesses – but the ones organised later on are for both residents and businesses.

Please can you take a look at the dates, and the leaflet (which all businesses in the borough have been sent in their annual Business Rates billing) and let me know if you would like to attend.

Elinor Ridgeway
Head of Communications
Richmond Council
Tel: 020 8487 5159
Fax: 020 8891 7718

image of LBRUT Olympics disruption leaflet






Download the leaflet here

Progress on this issue to date

  1. Olympic disruptions to the borough briefing events
    15 March, 2012

    These dates will be going on the LBRUT website shortly and will mark the beginning of a three months public information campaign aimed at 'keeping the borough moving' during the Games.

    General businesses 30 March (8am-9am and 6.30pm – 7.30pm) in York House
    Twickenham Residents and Businesses 18 April (6.30pm-7.30pm) in York House
    Ham Residents and Businesses 17 April (6.30pm-7.30pm) in the Woodville Centre
    Ham Residents and Businesses 21 April (11am-12pm) in St Andrews Church Hall
    Teddington Residents and Businesses 21 April (2pm-3pm) in Teddington Baptist Church
    Teddington Residents and Businesses 26 April (6.30pm-7.30pm) in Teddington School
    Hampton Wick Residents and Businesses 19 April (6.30pm-7.30pm) in Hampton Wick Baptist Church
    Hampton Residents and Businesses 23 April (6.30pm-7.30pm) in St Mary's Church Hall
    Richmond and St Margaret's 24 April (6.30pm – 7.30pm) in the Old Town Hall, Richmond

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Proposed development of Field House into a Waitrose

Image of Field House, the proposed site of a new Waitrose

There is a proposed development of Field House on Oldfield Road into a Waitrose supermarket by Cluttons.

As well as the potential benefits that this may bring to residents of Hampton there are obvious concerns that this will affect trade for our local shops and increase traffic around an already congested area (school, level crossing, junction). Planning details can be found on the following council web pages:

Case detail progress
Case file (with viewable planning documents)

Progress on this issue to date

  1. Waitrose in Hampton? Final public meeting report
    From Maura Waters, 24 September, 2011

    Waitrose passed its final planning hurdle on Thursday, 22 September, and will open its doors either later this year or early in 2012. No objections were raised at Richmond Council's final planning enquiry on Thursday, September 22nd.

    Throughout the planning period the major concern has been the threat of increased traffic. The new 6,663 sq. ft. store will attract most of its customers as pedestrians, but with many car-drivers also expected, a safety survey has been planned to assess traffic levels once the new store starts trading.

    The proximity of the level crossing at Hampton station is, of course, a further traffic complication. But Cllr. Virginia Morris informed the enquiry Hampton was lucky to have a footbridge over the railway, unlike poor Sheen! (Anyone who has had to wait at the crossing in Manor Rd there will sympathise).

    In accordance with its usual practice of investing in the local area Waitrose has promised to donate £6,000 each year to local good causes. Claiming that the siting of one of its stores in a locality tends to boost sales in surrounding shops, it has already agreed to pay for a Hampton village map showing all the local retailers.

    Waitrose in Hampton? Report back
    From Cllr Gareth Roberts, 1 June, 2011

    Just to report back on the discussions we had prior to the event yesterday.

    I along with my fellow ward councillor, Janet Langhorne and Michael Badgery of The Hampton Village Traders Association attended the exhibition yesterday, before it opened, so that we could raise some of the points made at last month's meeting held at the Beveree - the third Hampton Councillor, Suzette Nicholson was unavailable owing to being out of the country.

    The main issues we discussed were those of traffic flow and parking provision.

    A similar Waitrose store in Walton On Thames has a car park which has over twice the number of available bays than are planned for Waitrose hampton. Are you confident your provision is enough?

    The car park in Walton is the main town car park. It isn't owned by Waitrose nor is it used exclusively by Waitrose customers. Yes a large number of Waitrose customers do use the car park but by no means all and, similarly, not all of the car park users are Waitrose customers. They are confident that the 40 spaces (approx) provision at their proposed location will be sufficient

    How long can customers park and how will this be enforced?

    Customers will receive 1 hour free parking at the store. The contractor bought in to manage the car park is Euro Car Parks.

    Will provision be made for staff to use the car park?

    No. Unfortunately any staff member that chooses to drive to work will, unfortunately, have to park in surrounding roads. It is envisaged that there will be no more than 15 employees on site at any one time. It is hoped that the majority of staff will be sourced from the immediate surrounding area which will, hopefully, travel to work either by foot or by public transport. There are various schemes and incentives in place to encourage this sort of behaviour.

    The junction of Oldfield Road/Percy Road is currently subject to congestion caused by vehicles leaving the industrial unit further along Oldfield Road. Local residents have been campaigning for an access road to be built to relieve this problem. Is this something Waitrose would be interested in assisting with - not least because removing any congestion at this junction will benefit customers trying to visit the store by car.

    While the representatives from Waitrose were unable to offer a response there and then (quite rightly) they have expressed an interest in doing what they can to help. They have taken away a small dossier including the feasibility study, some correspondence from supporters of the scheme including Vince Cable and have promised to have the issue discussed at board level. They have promised to keep an open dialogue with councillors over this issue.

    Of course other issues were discussed including the impact on small traders in the village.

    At the public meeting it was asked whether the meat/fish counters would be chiller units for the display and sale of prepackaged food or would they be staffed counters

    The meat and fish counter will be staffed counters but they will be modest in size.

    At the public meeting concerns were expressed about the continued viability of independent traders such as bakers and butchers in the face of competition from Waitrose. Residents also questioned whether waitrose would be prepared to scale back their offering if they were causing significant damage to existing traders.

    The Waitrose representative wanted to stress that it is not the Waitrose way to come in and wipe out traders. If planning permission was received the store would be opened according to the model which they have set in place. If a trader found that their business was being significantly hit by Waitrose then they would be willing to consider scaling back that offering within their store so as to relieve the pressure on that particular independent shop.

    Trolleys. How will these be managed?

    Trolleys will cost £1 to use as is standard and that £1 is refundable on return. They will be kept indoors out of trading hours. Waitrose is willing to consider magnet technology to lock the wheels if they're taken across the entrance. Of course there's not much that can be done against determined trolley thieves.

    Will the mature trees on Oldfield Road be retained?


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  3. Waitrose in Hampton? New public event at Field House, Oldfield Road,
    Wednesday 1 June 2011, 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm
    From Cllr Gareth Roberts, 25 May, 2011

    Following on from the successful public meeting a new event has been planned for you to be able to put your questions directly to representatives of waitrose.

    The format of this event will be different from the previous meeting as it will be held in the "drop-in event" format allowing traders and residents the opportunity to attend at a time convenient to them and talk directly to representatives of waitrose and also their highways and planning consultants.

    The event will be held at Field House, the site of the proposed store.

    Do come along and put your points, ideas and concerns directly to Waitrose

    Don't forget to have your say on the development, either for or against, on the council's website

    The reference number is 11/1178/cou

    The deadline for comments has been extended to 10 June 2011

    Follow this and other issues on your local website

    If you have any questions please contact Cllr Gareth Roberts,
    telephone 020 8979 2360.

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  5. Public meeting at The Beveree - feedback
    3 May, 2011

    Thank you to those of you who responded with your views on this proposed development. Several members of The Hampton Society committee, including myself, attended the public meeting on Tuesday evening and I have prepared a summary of the discussion below for your information.

    The meeting was attended by roughly 130 people, including a Waitrose representative who took notes and answered a few questions, but couldn't answer all. Cllr Gareth Roberts asked for a show of hands at the start of the meeting and opinion was divided 50:50 with 30 don’t knows.

    • Currently no decent supermarket within walking distance
    • Out of town stores harm local shops more, so bring the supermarkets back into town
    • Studies show that empty retail units have been reduced by 54% in areas with a Waitrose
    • It’s a ‘convenience’ store, two-thirds size of Tangley Square Sainsburys
    • People prefer Waitrose to other chains, so better to accept this before others apply
    • Increases footfall for other traders
    • Brings more choice to the area and more convenient opening hours for full-time workers
    • Creates new jobs
    • Waitrose presence attracts new traders
    • Increase in house prices
    • Waitrose an ethical brand which has schemes in place to help community

    • Traders can't compete with supermarket prices
    • More noise, pollution and traffic congestion
    • Loss of quiet village life, atmosphere compromised
    • Only 40 car parking spaces allocated, 6-10 of which will be taken up by lorry deliveries (where will staff park?)
    • Only one entrance and difficult for lorries to turn
    • Parking already a huge problem in Hampton
    • Percy Road narrow and traffic backs up at level crossing already
    • Hazardous for local school children on Percy Road
    • Offices to let upstairs - only 4 parking spaces allocated
    • People still won’t walk to Waitrose because they don’t want to carry bags
    • Will this open floodgates for other big chains?


    Views have to be submitted by 17 May and another meeting is planned (date tbc). The green text contains links to the relevant sites. Cllr Roberts recommended:

    • set up a committee to keep in touch with what’s going on with Waitrose planning app.
    • air and follow views on Hampton People’s Network
    • log into council website and submit views on-line
    • Hampton Village Traders website will be up and running on Thursday and views can also be posted there.

      As a society, we will not be making a ‘policy’ decision on this matter at the moment. Therefore, we strongly recommend that members express their views individually on the planning section of the council’s website. The reference for this application is 11/1178.

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